Coblentz Chocolates | Walnut Creek, Ohio

Allergen Info

Below is a list of the most common food allergy inquiries. If you have questions about a specific product not addressed below, you can contact us directly at All of our products are produced on shared equipment. Traces of peanuts, tree nuts and wheat may be present.

Common food allergy inquiries

These products are nut-free

Bulk Chocolate

Dark Caramel

Dark Caramel w Sea Salt

Dark Cherry Cordials

Dark Chocolate Cream

Dark Chocolate Meltaway

Dark Dutch Pretzel

Dark English Toffee

Dark English Toffee w Sea Salt

Dark Graham Cracker

Dark Lemon Cream

Dark Marshmallow

Dark Mint Meltaway

Dark Mocha Meltaway

Dark Orange Cream

Dark Orange Jellies

Dark Orange Peels

Dark Oreo

Dark Peppermint Patty

Dark Pretzel Rod

Dark Pretzel Rod w/nonpariels

Dark Raisin Clusters

Dark Raspberry Cream

Dark Raspberry Jellies

Dark Vanilla Cream


Dk Espresso Meltaways

Milk Cherry Cordials

Milk Chocolate Caramels

Milk Chocolate Caramels with Sea Salt

Milk Chocolate CCC

Milk Chocolate Cookie

Milk Chocolate Meltaway

Milk Dutch Pretzel

Milk English Toffee

Milk English Toffee with Sea Salt

Milk Graham Cracker

Milk Honey Toffee Crunch

Milk Lemon Cream

Milk Marshmallow

Milk Mint Meltaway

Milk Mocha Meltaway

Milk Orange Cream

Milk Orange Jellies

Milk Orange Peels

Milk Peppermint Patty

Milk Pretzel Rod

Milk Pretzel Twist

Milk Raisin Clusters

Milk Raspberry Cream

Milk Raspberry Jellies

Milk Vanilla Cream

Sugar Free  Dutch Pretzel

Sugar Free Caramel Candy

Sugar Free Mint Meltaway

Sugar Free Raisin Dips

Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel

White Chocolate Golden Oreo

White Chocolate Oreo

White Dutch Pretzel

White Pretzel Rod

Wrapped Caramel Candy

Wrapped Caramel Candy with Sea Salt

Deluxe Caramel Assortment Gift Box

Cherry Cordials Gift Box

Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn with Chocolate

White Chocolate Cinnamon Caramel Corn

Break Away Bar 1 lb.