Hemisphere Coffees 8 oz. Ground

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The premium coffee from Hemisphere Coffee Roasters is a result of honest relationships with the coffee growers.  Hemisphere buys coffee directly from the growers, paying a fair price for a quality product.  Your purchase is an investment in the lives of coffee growers, their families, and their communities, adding satisfactions to your morning mug!

Each bag contains 8 oz. of ground coffee.  Choose from:

Nicaragua SHG-Cafe Diego-Full-city roast with good acidity and chocolatey undertones direct from the farm.  Medium dark roast.

Mad River Decaf-Sumatra and Colombia Decaf combined to provide a smooth rich taste.

Jamaican Me Crazy-Creamy caramel vanilla with a Jamaican rum flavor.

Scottish Grogg-Butterscotch and chestnut flavors with a slight rum note.