Caramel Candy - Wrapped

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Our caramel is derived from premium fresh ingredients using our own unique recipe.  Almost daily, we cook caramel over a gas flame in a copper kettle.  The method of cooking and the delicious ingredients (we use real salted butter--a lot of it!) give our caramel a distinct flavor that our customers identify as "Coblentz Caramel".    We make a variety of candies with our caramel including Chocolate Caramels, Pecan Snappers, Cashew Snappers, Sea Salt Caramels, Pecan Pralines, Cashew Pralines, Pecan Caramel Bars, Cashew Caramel Bars and traditional wax paper wrapped Caramel Candy (no chocolate).


Chocolate Caramels and Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels: 4 oz. = 8 pieces, 8 oz. = 15 pieces, 1 lb.= 28 pieces, 2 lb. = 56 pieces Pecan Snappers, Cashew Snappers and Macadamia Snappers: 4 oz. =5 pieces, 8 oz. = 9 pieces, 1 lb.= 18 pieces, 2 lb. = 36 pieces